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In this section …

Here’s a collection of 100+ case studies (organized into groups for ease of viewing), along with clickable prototype ‘demosites’, and a gallery of my artwork (both digital and oldeSchoole).

Case Studies


I’ve tried to describe each of my engagements fairly completely – and also concisely. Most of the case studies in my portfolio include: Context & Overview, Value Propositions, Challenges, Solutions, Screenshots, Techniques

They’re grouped by ‘media eras‘ for historical continuity and easier consumption:

SocialMedia : Facebook … for the Enterprise; “user experience” goes viral; Presentation platforms are ubiquitousscalable , and responsive; Applications are seamless

The Web Gets Down to Business: 2000-2007

Highly transactional services on the Web: Financial markets, portals, workflow, dashboards, personas, direct marketing

Transitional Surge: 1990-1999

Pioneering online business applications, Early Webtransitional technologies: Hypercard, Visual Basic, Lotus Notes

Before We Called It the Web: 1981-1989

“The First Wave” of graphical interactive online services: Videotex, Cabletext, Teletext, Videodisks, Electronic Signage

New Synthesis: 1970-1980

The New Media Emerges: Video, community cable, dance, documentaries, arts progrmming, news research, advocacy, animation, commercial art


There’s a lot of stuff here. I’ve grouped my engagements by topic area, so that now you can find relevant examples quickly – by keyword.

Clickable Prototypes

Most clients want to see – and experience – the model.  The Clickable DemoSite is a shallow representation of the UI Design which demonstrates both the organization of information and the experience of interaction.

Here are about 20 of them.  Take a look.

Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example. — Mark Twain

The Gallery

Picture this. It’s  a little mini-gallery of some of the graphical work I’ve produced over time.




Dark Matter


Oral History

Spacey Stuff



Early Digital

the You-Eye Guy

The computer environment is challenging, but the traditional media are often far more satisfying



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